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 The influence of the Internet

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PostSubject: The influence of the Internet   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:15 pm

Today, when we entered the network society, found that many young people and network fit between the points, it is the meeting point of youth on the Internet, "One network Wife."they like order something from the Internet,order the tory burch purse or any other things, Under the influence of one thousand young people in the network-like shapes and sizes to show the society despite its many beautiful place, and people feel more surprises. But many young Web surfers, but in any case not to eclipse the performance of social graced, can not people sit back and relax.
Now,we are talk something about the internet,they have two sides.
The first one is Positive impact on the network:
Network helps young innovative means and methods of ideological education. Use the Internet to conduct moral education, educators can be the identity of users and young people on the Internet "with impunity" to the real state of mind of an equal exchange, which for moral education to find out, Mozhun thinking of young people and carry out positive guidance and the full range of communication provides a new fast method.they will known what they like and what they want.some chirdren like the best basketball shoes in the Internet,and they also would like to acceot this taching way. In addition, the dissemination of real-time network information and interactive features, and more young people can educators or educational information to maintain fast interaction, thereby increasing the frequency of interactive ideas to improve educational results;the students not only can study from their teacher,but also can learn from different sides. As the network information with downloadable sex, delay sex and other characteristics can be stored, extended education and ideology and interaction time for the young, "weather" ideological guidance and education.some students will become more active than before when they sutdy,and studing won’t so boring for them than before,because thay can shopping or order edhardy shirts when they study.
Provides a new channel of learning knowledge. Present in our educational resources can not meet demand, the network provides a broad knowledge of campus learning, learners at any time, any place can access to higher education, students learn in school to learn all the courses required credits, access to degree. This is in the exam-oriented education system for young people is undoubtedly one of the best relief, it is not only beneficial to the physical and mental development, but also conducive to the stability of family and society.when they study,the studens also can communicate wi th their parents,this is a new and good way for students to learn from the Internet.During their part-time,they will find something new and find what is so popular,like the tom ford glasses,it will improve their interest.
Develop young people a global perspective, to improve the overall quality of young people. Internet so that young people's political vision, knowledge, more open areas, thus contributing to the formation of their global awareness. Similarly, young people can also improve the overall quality. Through the Internet, they can develop a wide range of people and their ability to communicate; Read by all kinds of useful books on the Internet, by analogy, to improve their cultural awareness.
The second is the The negative impact of the network:
For young people, "Three Views" to form a potential threat. Young people on the network easy access to the rhetoric of capitalist propaganda, culture and ideology, etc., in an extreme ideological contradictions.they don’t know the real meaning of the Internet.they always choose the polo shirt,and forget their study. Chaos, its life and values prone to tilt, thus breeding wholesale Westernization, hedonism, money worship, fawning and other bad ideas.
The Internet has changed the lives of young people in work and relationships and lifestyle. Young people in the online public, and frankly express their views, asking equal dialogue on youth workers to challenge the authority, ideological and political work is often not achieve the desired effect. Meanwhile, the Internet so that young people are to form a self-centered way of life, collective consciousness, spread individual liberalism.they just consider about themsevles,didn’t pay more attention to their friends and their parents.For example,they like make the choice by themselves.if they want to buy the nike running shoes,they will buy it.
Information junk weakening ideological and moral consciousness of young people. The expert survey, 47 percent of online information and pornography, 60 percent of young people being exposed to yellow in the online information. There are also some illegal organizations or individuals online black political and economic disruption information to confuse young people. This information will weaken the young people's ideological and moral waste awareness, pollution, young mind, misleading adolescent behavior. Particularly in the development of children, and my heart is not mature enough, vulnerable to undesirable influences online, thus affecting their physical and mental health. And they tempted not distinguish good and bad.when they find the chanel bags,they will buy it soon.
The hidden nature of the network, leading to youth immorality and an increase in criminal acts. For many young people walking hurriedly, the Internet is like fast food, like knowledge, greatly stimulated their eager desire for knowledge of the strong, between the mouse click can be immediately in the vast ocean of information to find the information they need to greatly improve the the unit time to learn, work efficiency. The on-line exhibits a variety of fashionable, they curiosity, thirst for knowledge driven linger, never look, doubt its efficacy structural components and operation of the entire brain at the occasion into a gulping and numbness by moving the machine, resulting in many sclerosis not only swallowed the young people should have a vibrant and strong-minded young brain, and blocking of their true knowledge of the inner.they won’t go to the gucci shoes sale,do everything on the net.forget the real world. For those who have yet to completely get rid of patriarchy, comply with the doctrine of education for young people, although in reality its always emotional disclosure by others and the community around, but many of them were repressed emotions, but in the online world wanton outbreak . Internet dating, online chat, in the BBS became the talk of people forget that authority to suppress and escape loneliness, dissatisfaction of the flow channels. But we observed that although the Internet to help young people to some extent, relieve stress, psychological balance, but too much virtual online emotional communication no doubt so many young people flying emotions, while always wanted to try their true feelings deep heart unwilling to candidly reveal the real world and real people too lazy and emotional interaction.when the ghd become the fashionest thing,all of them will pay all of their attention to it.
Life, these people are quiet, talkative, not moved by the emotional world, showing an indifferent attitude. Internet has become part of the human emotional world of the mind to face the reality of the lock.
Has been thanks to the widespread social network, we can not because of its vitality and development of the enormously positive role in students, while ignoring the problems it brings, not because of its negative effects and turn away. We should strengthen the study of high school students on the Internet, explore new situations and create new ways to solve new problems, and enhance the effectiveness of online students.the students can’t just known the [url= http://www.picktonike.com/]nike sneakers[/url],but also need to know something about their study.
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The influence of the Internet
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