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 About Sagittarius

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PostSubject: About Sagittarius   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:14 pm

Optimism and sadness: Sagittarius man's heart is not looks so optimistic, because I like to see far more likely to worry about.Sagittarius can’t waste the money,they like chanel bags,but they can’t take so much money to buy it. In their dictionary, even though good, does not necessarily mean the future is good, sometimes a lot of people think that a good job or a partner, they will give up very easily, may simply be a petty reason . Therefore, such external appearance, let people feel they do not like something or someone is bound to live, the pursuit of freedom, feeling no pressure.
Reality: Sagittarius is often said that the pursuit of dreams, but often overlooked aspect of their reality, not calculating it worse than the Virgo Oh, just smarter to hide nothing more. Sagittarius man's dream is to be based on a realistic basis, and generally they rarely talk about their dreams, but to do some practical things to move closer to the dream. They do not imagine there will have a expensivebest basketball shoes
.they will do their best to get it. If you can force through the clever things done, never will be a little more effort. Sagittarius is sometimes so easy to get smart people feel. But have to admit that they have completed at least good. Perhaps his life, they are considering how to do something clever, minimal effort to achieve the best results. Therefore, many people look Sagittarius will feel lazy, but in fact they had the brain can not stop thinking about the reality of things.they will.
Reject vulgar: Almost all of Sagittarius are proud heart, and its certainly no less than Leo. But they will not appear on the face, external performance is always easy-going and appropriate. But there is a strong inner self-esteem, sensitive and emotional.when they meet something they like,for example the tory burch purse
,but their boyfriend didn’t bought it for them,but they won’t make their sadness appear on their face. Because Sagittarius is a proud hearts, so they refused to vulgar, not like any tacky, rude things or people. If you can, all the things they want, are elegant, noble, worthy of taste. And really make them think it is worth making friends or a love of people is very small, although on the surface they are very easy-going.
Passionate: passionate Sagittarius lot of people say, especially men. In fact, in Sagittarius people's minds, for love does have a tendency to idealize, and they fall in love, is a difficult thing. They hate tacky people, so you can not very material, or like to talk about money, but they also brings a reality, so you can not broke, all aspects must also have a certain strength.please wear your tom ford glasses, Carefully to see the Sagittarius. Material and spiritual, you have to balance just right, just let them think you are worthy of love. General, of course, there is no perfect person, so it might never make such as Taurus feel unpredictable muffled striker who will be very attractive to them; Or, as the twin, as clever enough to know how the wind blows, to capture their emotions, will they feel the sweetness of love. The feelings of the general model is the shooter, the first stage, you are not familiar with, he (she) fell in love with you, very warm. The second stage, you become familiar with, and he (she) began analities, all critical to your problems, either privately or in person.A ghd maybe also can’t make they happy. If you are fortunate enough through his (her) the critical process, the basic problems of zero or critical of the shortcomings of confidentiality you very good; Then enter the third stage, but they are loyal and passionate lover. But the basic through the second stage of very few people, so with the passionate one striker said. In fact, the critical pairs of lovers, shooter, is due to the fault of love, fear the loss of a sense of freedom. Sagittarius's life, often lucky, because they are intelligent, bright, transparent. Different, perhaps life-long pursuit of their dreams, hope that every shooter who can find their dream! Sagittarius really a good person,they are honest and they won’t go to the gucci shoes sale shop buy a shoes for themselves.
Everyone says the feelings of Sagittarius is a liar, for love is not respected, only the pursuit of a moment of pleasure, full of desire is helping them with red symbol. Friends ... you know the most authentic aspect of Sagittarius it?
Sagittarius is a big child, innocent and good, encounter love, you may feel are not serious, pay less than anyone else. But,do you know? Sagittarius want to love, but also afraid to love! They just slowly started to pay, careful love, afraid they will hurt. But in a one love, get along day by day under the Sagittarius barbed preparedness to lose, began a desperate love their loved ones, in the eyes of others, but Sagittarius to achieve a certain purpose for the action.maybe you know the Sagittarius always can’t waste their money,but when they love you,they also can buy the most expensive nike running shoes for you. Sagittarius does not mind, he will revel in the imagination of their own happiness, hope someone can feel their love, like the other person that is happy together with their own. But,do you know? In love with a Sagittarius man, he would put itself in the final. Have suffered themselves, may be due to a small frame without noisy fun, but also the fastest to admit, no matter who's wrong, they will accommodate, you know? Sagittarius will forgive a person because of his love's betrayal, will pay a lot because of your word. They play at the play, but also want to give you that in a good mood, Sagittarius is optimistic.if the Sagittarius really love you,I think you will become the most happiest people,because they will give you all of theie love, [url= http://www.picktonike.com/]nike sneakers[/url] just for themselves,they will give you the best.
Sagittarius sad when no one knew he did not want the poor people themselves, Sagittarius is not strong, but very good. In coax you happy when you are sad, you have to rely on, after breaking up, he belongs to both of you cry to think about those happy memories, do not want to love him because of sympathy and barely together. He loved more than anyone else who wants happiness, but often ignored him, and he also smiled and told the body is hurt you, I'm fine do not worry.but do you know,when they feel so sad,they won’t make you find,they will make their tears back of the polo shirt,and you won’t find it all the time.
Your little concerned, attentive Sagittarius will remember you for his good, his love without reservation to give you, Sagittarius is not understood, but they will not repine. They foolishly believe that, let me take it, do not let others hurt. So, do not let happy Sagittarius pain, do not let them become the most charming smile of disguise to cover up the pain, serious love Sagittarius. You will know the love of Sagittarius, is full of tears ...
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About Sagittarius
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